We are proud supporters of the following:


St Giles

St Giles Church of England (Aided) Primary School is a vibrant, rural Christian primary school with close ties to the Parish Church of St Giles.
At St Giles, we are all committed to delivering the very best education for every child at the school.

We work to equip each of our pupils, to the best of our ability, with the knowledge, skills and understanding so that they may develop fully as individuals with strong Christian values and ethos. We encourage them to develop positive relationships and contribute to, participate in and enjoy the world in which they live.

We achieve this through a high standard of teaching in a stimulating, happy and caring school built on strong Christian distinctiveness and values. We actively encourage our pupils to achieve their best and support their individual talents.

Chaganes Society

The Chaganes Society was initiated to enhance the liaison between Horsted Keynes and Cahagnes in Normandy, villages  that have genuine historical links from Norman times.  It is actively geared to fostering cultural and social exchanges between the two villages. On alternate years about 50-60 members, of all ages, from Horsted Keynes visit Cahagnes, staying with families  and, on alternate years, members play hosts to villagers from Cahagnes. During the exchanges, formal visits are planned to places of interest, such as Houses of Parliament and Versailles, and informal ‘socialising’ in the family homes are organised and greatly enjoyed by all. St Giles village school has close links to the one in Cahagnes, enhanced by regular emailing communication. Material, sponsored by the Societies, is exchanged between the schools. Fund raising events are planned in order to keep the cost of the trip to France low, to fund activities during the French trip to Horsted Keynes and to fund St. Giles School French projects. Without the members’ active support and the support of local businesses, the Society could not function.

The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

The 1st Fusiliers are a premier Armoured Infantry battlegroup, with Fusiliers experienced with the Warrior fighting vehicle since it entered service. Specialising in delivering direct action through fire and manoeuvre, the Fusiliers also have a well-tried flexibility to rapidly take on light infantry missions.

The 5th Fusiliers are reserve Armoured Infantry, shock troops who engage critical battlefield areas in the Warrior fighting vehicle. 5th Fusiliers provide manpower and fire support to 1st Fusiliers on exercise and on operations, deploying to many countries worldwide.

Horsted Keynes Angling Club

Horsted Keynes, West Sussex. Horsted Keynes Angling Club (HKAC) was established by John Clarke in 1961, as an angling club for the residents of Horsted Keynes parish. In its first few years the membership stood at 39 senior members and 31 juniors members, which was considerable for a small village.

In the years that followed, and due to the popularity of the ponds, it was decided to open up the membership to friends and associates of Horsted Keynes. Since then the club has gone from strength to strength, now boasting membership figures of over 120 anglers who continue to enjoy the angling and of course the surroundings.

HKAC offers a wide variety of fishing with 7 ponds to choose between. From the picturesque setting of Rushy Bottom, in its serene location, partially surround by a wood, to the Broadhurst Slade ponds of 1 – 6 on the more lively cinder track. Each with their own mixture of fish and offering a very different challenge. HKAC welcomes those that want to get out for a days pleasure fishing or those that want a bit of competition and participate in our match schedule.